Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns are a marathon, not a sprint – and I’m the Tortoise. Here are a few of my skills:

Web Development

I have experience in full-stack WordPress web development. Additionally, I am knowledgable in HTML, CSS, PHP, and Web Hosting. My process with web development begins with carefully assessing your business goals, which are adhered to during the creative planning process, design, build, and finally launch.

Search Engine Optimization

I am skilled and experienced with all things SEO. To accompany this skill, I have certifications in Google AdWords and Google Analytics which allows clients to track their results and craft carefully executed decisions with their search engine marketing campaigns.

Social Media

I've been involved with social media since the dawn of MySpace. I specialize in building large audiences and then creating clear, clever, and concise content for them to engage with. From managing social accounts for a small non-profit brand, to a global sports brand that averages 2.5 Million impressions a month - I have experienced it all.